What’s the occasion? How to make the most of it!

Hi everyone, how are you all doing?

Fresh out of Valentines Day, I’m in the mood to get creative with occasions but I’m not  talking about the obvious, seasonal ones like Christmas, Mother’s Day or Easter; obviously they have their place but it’s already a saturated market out there.

I’ve had a niggling idea in the background for quite sometime now to use words, or more importantly positive messaging in my art cards. I’ve done a few before, but want to take it further.

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It’s something I’m very familiar with, I’m a sucker for a positive message placed up in my home to keep me focused or make me smile. And in a World where we could really do with some extra positivity right now after a week of more crazy, stormy weather in the UK, the Corona virus continuing to spread and the awful shocking news this weekend of Caroline Flack’s suicide, it seems even more appropriate to put more positivity out into the Universe.

So, I’ve been working on some positive postcards, simple messages you can send with a gift or flowers or just on their known to let people know that you care and are thinking about them.

IMG_1299    IMG_1297       IMG_1296    IMG_1295

Playing about with some ideas yesterday whilst storm Dennis raged!

I’ve tried to think about what message would have felt good for me to receive whilst going through treatment, and came up with this; ‘Here by your side for the ride’ which could be used actually for all kinds of challenging circumstances.

I’ve thought about all kinds of situations, from celebrating to encouragement…I want these postcards to raise a smile, hopefully be placed somewhere in their home and make people feel loved and supported. These are just the first few samples, I have many more ideas and can see this really working to bring my joy or words and art together.

Other occasions can spark creativity too… I currently need to come up with a poem for my forthcoming Uncle’s funeral in March. I did one for my Aunties, very shocking, sudden death almost 10 years ago which I also read out – I did so well until the last 2 lines!

This time I don’t feel strong enough to get through reading it out, so my Mum is going to and whilst of course it’s a really sad occasion – he was a legend in our family, I want to do him proud and the self-critic level goes up a notch, making me try even harder to do my best. I’m hoping the time pressure will kick in soon and I’ll create a master-piece!

So, what other occasions could there be, how about these for starters?

  • Passing exams or driving tests
  • Engagement, marriage or even divorce
  • Moving house or overseas
  • New baby or adoption
  • Pride event or LBGTQ support messages
  • Promotion, New Business, New job or Retirement
  • Completing a sporting race or activity
  • Reaching some kind of goal or overcoming a challenge or illness
  • A simple Thank you

Could any of these work for you in the creative work you do? Or, you could go for a more unique and specific idea with less competition out there and so your work becomes more visible, for example a thank you card or work of art to a Step-Dad or Step-Mum – I know myself I am always struggling to find decent step-family cards.

For those who are just starting out and maybe not at the selling stage yet, the best way to practice and gain feedback is to send personalised cards, poems, crocheted gift or whatever your creative skill may be, out to family or friends for their birthdays or occasions – nothing feels more special than receiving something hand-made and hopefully they’ll be so thrilled, the news will spread of your talent, and then you may even start to get some commissions – now wouldn’t that be great?

Also, for those of you not familiar with this, soon it will be time for the Instagram Challenge #MarchMeetTheMaker – which lasts the whole month of March is a fantastic opportunity to showcase your work to the Instagram community and beyond. It’s a really fun challenge that also lets you connect with so many other like-minded creators, some of which may do the same thing as you. It’s run by Joanne Hawker and for more information, click here

I’m so looking forward to getting into Spring, the better weather and another month closer to finishing my treatment journey which will hopefully end at the end of April, providing no more troublesome hospital admissions!

Cross everything for me please! Because of what happened back in Jan, (neutropenic sepsis on my birthday no less = 5 day stay in hospital), I’ve decided to be stricter with myself, just behave and become even more of a hermit BUT that means I’ve no excuse to get on with creating art and writing pieces when I’m up to it. In particular I need to crack on with my art club exhibition pieces which happens at the end of March, and is always a great event!

In the meantime, I’m taking in the odd winter sunshine, awesome sunrises and chilly Yorkshire views , providing further inspiration of course for my artwork too.

IMG_1186          IMG_0846

My recent nature pictures taken for my @soothedbynature account and me all wrapped up!

If this has inspired you to create any ‘occasion’ pieces, I’d love to know about it in the comments below, or if there is anything you would like  support with on your creative journey, please do message me, I’d love to be able to help…

Until next time…

Juliet, The Curious Creative x

P.s the next WOW Wednesday Meeting is after half-term holidays on February 26th at Miriam’s Kitchen Table, 9.30am – 11.30am. New members always welcome and for more information click here.







8 Comments on “What’s the occasion? How to make the most of it!

  1. Juliet, are you inside my head?! I’ve been thinking along similar lines for art/post cards, too! I’ve been writing, painting, drawing….feel slightly insane with it all! Big hugs for the koss of your uncle, he seems to have been a larger-than-life character xx 😘


  2. really enjoyed reading this blog Juliet and l really like your occasions list – my son passed his driving test recently and I managed to get a below average card from the shops! he received 3 more below average cards (I know its the thought that counts) but I’d love to see your inspirationally themed postcard for this occasion – keep it up x


    • Thank you glad you enjoyed and I’ll get my thinking cap on! 😀🙌👍


  3. Always by your side Jules 😘 you really helped me when my Dad passed away x I will never forget your kindness making me leave the house and go for restorative walk with Barley Boo!
    I can now go to the WOW group too!
    Thank you so much for another uplifting blog 😘😘😘


    • Thanks Hun, bless you you’re such a great friend and yes of course come to wow wednesday, will be fab to have you there, will you be at the first one after half term, the 26th? If so I’ll let Clair know my partner in crime as I’m back to FaceTiming in, I think Rach will be going too 😘😘😘you’ll love it! Xx


  4. I love a good positice quote. We are both on the same journey, my treatment ends on 8th April. Every treatment my granny sends me a card with a nice quote, and it always starts with ‘one more step’ as we had that hymn at our wedding 10 years ago.

    Liked by 1 person

    • All the best with your treatment too, it’s not easy but we have to keep positive don’t we? Take care xxx


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