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@soothedbynature is my Instagram account that I set up in March 2018 to basically inject a reliable, daily-dose of creativity into my life whilst bringing a little bit of mother-nature to those who are maybe stuck behind a desk or unable to get outside. I wanted it to be a breathe of fresh air, for both me, and my audience.

Every day I walk my crazy dog, Barley and this is where I get my inspiration, from walking in crisp autumn leaves, relishing views of stormy clouds and sunshine rays to  getting up close and personal with butterflies and bugs and chasing sunsets and rainbows in my car; you’ll find it all here, along with stories of the seasons and why being in nature is such an important part of my daily routine and well-being.

It brings a visual creative focus to my day and there’s nothing like getting that ‘feel-good’ shot, especially if it’s something you have to take quick, like a flock of Canada geese noisily speeding ahead above you or equally if you’ve had to wait very patiently, crouched in awkward positions – squirrels can be particularly elusive!

Plus of course there’s the fresh air and walking to get those endorphins firing as well as helping work off my large intake of cake!

In 2019, I full-filled a small dream of winning the ‘photo of the month’ competition in the April edition of Psychologies Magazine, with just one of my many photos of hogs weed, below!

psychologies pic

In 2019 I vowed to also start using my DSLR camera, not just my iphone to take pictures but first of all I needed to learn how to use it!

I found the Sarah Mason Photography retreat in Hebden Bridge and took the chance to ask for it for my birthday! The result was a gorgeous day spent with 3 other women, at this beautiful venue below, where Sarah and her wife Suzi looked after us with patience and joy! We were fed extremely well (thank you Suzi!) whilst Sarah expertly guided us through the basics of our camera and taught us how to get some beautiful effects on our pictures.

IMG_3247  IMG_3176

IMG_3205  IMG_3200

You’ll be starting to hopefully see some more effective photos as I practice! I hope you enjoy looking at my images and maybe feel inspired to grab your camera and go for a walk.

Catch me @soothedbynature/ to see my most recent pictures.

Comments from some of my lovely followers:

‘Stunning photo, love the detail in butterflies’ – @kellymarieprints

‘Beautiful final grid (of 2018), but I would expect nothing else from you, your gallery & photography is always gorgeous! @covingtoncollections

‘A wonderful charming photo’ – @skorpilineontour

‘Such an absolutely beautiful sky and such an atmosphere of serenity’ @melvillevivienne

‘Wow!!! That is breathtaking!!’ @pictaker70

‘Such stunning colours reflected in the water.’ @susanmayer98

‘Wow, that’s an absolute beauty!’ @karen.j.tickner

Here’s a small flavour of my images below and on the main image too…..and breathe!



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