About Me

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This is me and my crazy family. When I’m not playing Family Director to this lot, you’ll find me here, delving into the world of creative living.

I’m a forever evolving, endlessly curious creative who loves nothing more than writing, taking photos, painting, drawing, reading, listening to inspiring people and trying new creative projects!

Naturally curious and always wanting to learn, I set up this website and venture for people just like me, who want to learn new skills and live a more creatively fulfilled life.

I’ll be doing my best to support you to creative enlightenment with tips, suggestions, techniques and knowledge I’ve acquired from the fascinating creative community I’ve become part of.

To find out more about how it all started, click here.

You can find my links to The Curious Creative Club’s Social Media, to the right of here.

And if you’re looking for extra resources to get started, you’ll find them in The Curious Cave.

Jump on board and enjoy the ride, it’s going to be fun!

Juliet, The Curious Creative x

P.s I’m facing an interesting extra challenge now, life is never dull but can’t say I ever expected this…click here to find out more (posted 3rd November 2019)

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