my Art story

My journey with Art has been an interesting one. I’ve always doodled, loved art at school and did a GCSE in it but this dabbling has transformed into a full on passion when I joined my local Art group 2 years ago. I was persuaded (somewhat reluctantly, because they are a majorly talented bunch), to go along and see what I thought, so again I dipped my toe out of that comfort zone and have never looked back.

Now lets be clear, when I started, I was reeeeeallllly bad, a 6yr old could have done better BUT I was enthusiastic, willing to learn and I’ve practised and practised until I’ve produced some pieces that I was pleased with and proud of. Note: see It’s never too late to pick up a pen, a needle, a paintbrush, … your dream. if you would like to see that first terrible picture!

In Summer 2018, the group were invited to join the Holmfirth Art Week – a major full-week local art event that draws visitors from all around, so I bit the bullet and had some cards made up of my work and I can’t tell you the satisfaction and excitement you get when you see them professionally produced and get to play shop!

Since then I’m now beginning to promote and sell them more, with a collection in my local florists @thewateringcan as well as going to the odd craft fair and parties. Of course the next plan is to pop them on here in a mini-shop – (I’m working on it so hopefully it will be here soon).

Obviously it’s great to get my work out there and earn some pocket money but essentially it’s the creating part that is immensely therapeutic and enjoyable – and that will be the source of many a blog post as part of the whole creative journey.

In the meantime, here is a selection of what I’ve done, so hopefully you can see some improvement along the way. The lesson here?

Never let fear hold you back and close you off to some great opportunities to improve your skills and connect with some fabulous creative types!

The Early Work; fun with brusho and chinese painting!

Brusho flowers  Calder Graphics workshopChinese painting workshop EagleRainbow hare commissionBrusho HedgehogBrusho workshop snowy scene

After learning some new techniques from talented artist demos

posing sketchPippa ashworth techniquesPaul Talbot-Greaves techniquesPippa Ashworth workshopInk drawing RoydmoorPaul-talbot greaves techniques 2

Developing my own style, enjoying line and wash

and putting a collection together for Christmas!

Ink StagCactus paintingSBN business cardAutumn leaves paintingStaithes Village paintingXmas OwlXmas HomeXmas Hedgehog

Prep and pieces for the Shelley Art Group Exhibition – May 2019

In 2019 I worked really hard pulling my collection together and spending any spare time at my daughter’s swimming training and competitions creating more pictures!

As a result I had my most successful exhibition yet, yeah! See the ‘When life gets in the way of creative routine’ and also ‘Checking in and celebrating achievements‘ blog posts for more behind the scenes info on this. Now I definitely would like to get on with setting up that art shop! Here are some of the pieces below that I put together.

Update June 2020

Following Covid-19, lots of exhibitions and classes have been stopped, but I have been still practicing at home, including some challenges we’ve done via Zoom for Art Club, using my son’s homework assignments as inspiration, as well as the flourishing garden this year, here are a few examples…

I’ve since developed a new technique, creating grasses prints and then adding in some of the actual, painted grasses to create a 3D element and people seem to like them! I collect the grasses from the fields and woods around me, I’m really lucky to live in a beautiful countryside village, and my daily walks have been my saviour, during the long ‘shielding’ version of lockdown.

I can create these bespoke, to the colours you like or will go with a colour scheme of a room, please do get in touch via DM on Instagram, if you would like me to create one for you, prices dependent on size and framing options.

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