The Curious Creative Writing Clubs

Aim of the Club: To provide inspirational prompts to encourage and empower members to nurture their own creative writing ideas and bring them to life on the page!

The gift of 1hr and 15 minutes, pure writing headspace!

For people who work better with gentle direction and for those who are time poor and want to protect and schedule in focussed, creative writing time to make sure it happens.

I know that time is precious, so I want this to be quality, concentrated, straight to it writing time for you to get the most out of this class. But of course, you can then carry on in your own time (Pretend you are still on the class if you have to!).

Ethos: The Club will have a supportive, relaxed, and friendly feel, where you will feel safe and encouraged to share your writing, learn from others, and give useful feedback.

Each week as the Club evolves, I’ll introduce new ideas and different styles of writing to challenge your skills and help you to experiment and grow as a writer.

Structure: The timings will be flexible and dependent on numbers, but approximately:

  • Warm-up exercise
  • Main task
  • Reading out and feedback
  • Homework task, alternative option
  • Personal writing projects or homework reading out
  • Wrap up and sharing any book recommendations / tips etc

Cost – £6 per session, payable at least 2 days prior to class (by BACS), none-refundable unless ill and will be transferred to the next class.

Please note – A Whats Ap message will be sent on Thursdays prior to class to find out attendance. Classes will only run if at least 2 members attend, up to a maximum of 6.

Sessions will run on a Monday at 7.30pm, starting on Monday 1st February 2021

How to join

UPDATE: The Monday Group is now full

However, once I receive enough interest for another group I’ll open a new one up (Day and time tbc), so please do register your interest below on the form, thank you.

Warriors Writing Club – for those who have survived cancer treatment

I’m really interested in setting up a writing group for cancer survivors, again it would be a small group of 6 with all the values and benefits of above, but as someone who has been through cancer and treatment last year, I know how powerful and therapeutic writing can be to navigate through the cancer experience and come out the other side in a better place, having processed what happened.

I always believe that having passion, purpose and a ‘focus’ in your life, as well as just the ‘cancer’ version of life, which consumes so much of it, is what got me through mentally. Anyone going through this knows that it is just as much of a mental battle as it is a physical one and so the writing challenges will be fun, and not not always centralised around the cancer experience, unless you choose to write about it in relation to the prompts, which is also totally fine.

I just know from my experience, it was often a relief to look forward to something different, but in the company of like-minded people who understand.

This would be my way of doing something positive and helpful for a community who I have the upmost respect for. My friends call me a ‘warrior’ having been through treatment for Hodgkins Lymphoma last year and whilst I don’t exactly feel like one, it’s a term of affection and fitting I think for this community – hence why I have called it the Warriors Writing Club.

If this appeals to you, or you know of someone who may benefit from such a group, please also get in touch via the form below or share this page to the relevant person, thank you

Please register your interest for either writing club, and ask any questions, via the form below.

Please see below for testimonials from participants who attended my previous Writing Workshops held at Miriam’s Kitchen Table.


‘I really enjoyed the session last week. Very energising and the quick-fire exercises really got the brain working! ‘I’m inspired to get started! Informal, stimulating and positive regardless of your starting point’ Carol

‘Inspiring, fun, helpful, and therapeutic’ – Claire
‘A Fun Workshop creating short pieces from memory and imagination’ – Sarah

I loved it, never thought I was any good at/ particularly enjoyed writing but you made it a joy! Here’s to many more. I enjoyed the way were guided through steps to accomplish different styles and having to do things really quickly without overthinking it.’ Miriam

‘I liked the time restrictions so you couldn’t over think and it was good to read it aloud in a group of like-minded people. Wonderfully, creative evening, will recommend! – Hazel

‘A lovely inspiring and warm place to explore and play with creativity’ – Clair

‘The word connotation task was really interesting and helpful – might try this with my children.’ – Anna

‘A chance to explore and tap into your creative self and have the luxury of the time to do it! I’ve realised I miss poetry, I’m going to start committing my prose to paper and I’m also going to be asking for a journal for my birthday next week!’ Jo

‘A Fun Workshop creating short pieces from memory and imagination’ – Sarah

‘I learned that I can use random words to create poetry and lyrics and I enjoyed trawling through memories to create prose. The workshop left me feeling inspired, I feel a song coming on!’ Neil

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