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Hi there, due to the current government guidelines on social distancing due to COVID-19, workshops are currently on hold but you can find out about what I offer below,

Thank you and I hope to re-start the workshops as soon as I can, in the meantime, stay safe everyone and check out my Blogs if you would like to take part in some creativity.

‘A lovely inspiring and warm place to explore and play with creativity’ – Clair

The Curious Creative Club delivers invigorating writing workshops to participants with the specific purpose of setting your creativity free,…it’s a restorative and inspiring few hours, just for you.

I’m a huge advocate of all things creative, with current passions in writing, art and photography, and I know, first-hand, and from studying, the huge impact that taking part in creative activities can have on your well-being and self-worth.

I want to enable people to take time out from their busy lives and have the mental space to tap into their creativity and imagination, through writing and literally just give it a go. Most importantly, it’s about enjoying just playing with your ideas and bringing them to life.

In the meantime, please do register your interest at the end of this page on the contact form and I will add you to the waiting list, thank you.

Here are the details of the workshop:

Creative Writing Workshop – Writing from Personal Experience – 2.5 hrs

Who is this for? People who want to convey their own personal stories in a variety of ways, for example through:

  • Journaling
  • Blogging
  • Short Stories
  • Memoirs

Participants may want to do this just for themselves, as a mindful activity or for well-being reasons such as journaling, or they may want to take it one step further and share their experiences publicly via blog posts, short stories or even to produce a full memoir.

The exercises that I’ll take you through will help to develop your skills in writing personal stories and most importantly give you the confidence to do so, in a safe, informal space with a small group of like-minded people.

Writing about your own life can be challenging but there are ways to make it easier and more interesting for the reader. The great part is that everyone’s story is unique, no-one has a story exactly the same as yours or the same voice to tell it with;

This is your super-power to use to your advantage and create great writing through your unique story telling.

This workshop will help you to get your story down and give you the techniques to add depth, emotion and setting atmosphere through a variety of interesting tasks (no spoilers sorry!).

So, what are the additional benefits to telling your story?

  • Real experience = real, truthful writing, no-one can say it didn’t happen and you don’t have to come up with an idea, it’s there ready and waiting for you
  • If it’s a tricky story with painful aspects, writing it down can be incredibly cathartic and if it’s something that you are still suffering with, it can help you move on
  • Writing about personal issues can give you a sense of taking back control
  • Blogging and journaling is immediate, as is the feedback and so you get that instant gratification that you’ve achieved something to be proud of
  • Personal stories are inspiring to others, think triumph over adversity, it may just encourage someone else to change their life
  • Journaling has a whole host of well-being benefits, not least helping to stem a tirade of thoughts, downloading your mind can really help process everything
  • It can fulfil your ambition. The Memoir market has exploded in recent years, yours might just be the next story to end up on a book shop shelf and a best-seller list!
  • It can also help develop characters in fiction writing, drawing on personal experience can make your characters more authentic to the reader.

 What you’ll get from this workshop:

  • 2 warm up tasks and 5 main writing tasks
  • The opportunity to share your work with like-minded people (only if you want to) and learn from others’ styles of writing
  • A 15 minute break with hot drink and cake (please advise us of any food allergies upon booking the workshop)
  • 2 and a half hours of pure creative you-time!
  • An understanding of how to create your own personal story, using the techniques you’ll learn through the tasks
  • An increase in confidence in your writing skills
  • Further resources and tips to continue your writing journey

Places are limited to 8 people per evening to give the best possible experience to participants.

If you have an queries or to book, please get in touch via the contact form below or you can direct message me on Instagram @thecuriouscreativeclub

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Some of the participants from my previous workshop ‘Playing with writing’ held earlier this year, hard at work on the tasks!

Testimonials – Praise for ‘Playing with Writing’, workshops

‘Inspiring, fun, helpful, and therapeutic’ – Claire

‘A Fun Workshop creating short pieces from memory and imagination’ – Sarah

‘I loved all the tasks, they were all great and so imaginative!’ Clair

‘I loved it, Never thought I was any good at/ particularly enjoyed writing but you made it a joy! Here’s to many more. I enjoyed the way were guided through steps to accomplish different styles and having to do things really quickly without overthinking it.’ Miriam

‘I liked the time restrictions so you couldn’t over think and it was good to read it aloud in a group of like-minded people.Wonderfully, creative evening, will recommend! – Hazel

‘The word connotation task was really interesting and helpful – might try this with my children.’ – Anna

‘A chance to explore and tap into your creative self and have the luxury of the time to do it! I’ve realised I miss poetry, I’m going to start committing my prose to paper and I’m also going to be asking for a journal for my birthday next week!’ Jo

‘I really enjoyed the session last week. Very energising and the quick fire exercises really got the brain working! ‘I’m inspired to get started! Informal, stimulating and positive regardless of your starting point’ Carol

‘I learned that I can use random words to create poetry and lyrics and I enjoyed trawling through memories to create prose. The workshop left me feeling inspired, I feel a song coming on!’ Neil

‘Playing with Writing’ Workshops in your home

*Note – For information only at this point until social distancing is over

Fancy doing something a little different with your friends? I can deliver a fun, creative night in your home that will inspire, challenge and get you started on your writing journey.

If you are interested in hosting the workshop in your home (ideal for friends, family, book groups, writing groups, colleagues etc), I can tailor the workshop to suit your needs and the number of people attending.

Please contact me on the form below, and let me know;

  • Any preferred dates and times
  • Estimated numbers attending
  • Your location (within an hour’s drive in the Huddersfield area)

I’ll then get in touch with a detailed package to suit you and your group’s needs.


For more information or to register your interest, please fill out the contact form below and I’ll get in touch asap, thank you

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