WOW Wednesdays – Accountability Membership

May 2021 Update

We are now able to deliver face to face meetings again, yeah! These are held every two weeks at Joys Coffee House in Kirkburton, Huddersfield, please get in touch to find out when the next one will be.

In-between these meetings we will also continue to do Zoom meetings, for those who live further afield.

Yes! We are back to face to face meetings at the lovely Joys Coffee House in Kirkburton 😀

We always welcome any new members, and now we are online as well as face to face, are happy to open membership up to outside our local area (Huddersfield, West Yorkshire), so if you are interested, please contact us for information, using the contact form below, or by direct message on my Instagram

In the meantime, to find out what WOW Wednesdays is all about, please read on below….

Meetings pre-lockdown, when we could sit next to each other!

Wow Wednesdays is our local accountability group which myself and Clair from A Social Nature started in June 2019. Since then, It has grown in size and substance, and we are so proud of all this group has achieved! Read on to found out more…

WOW Wednesdays are all about creating a local accountability buddy group and are for people who;

  • work on their own
  • have their own business, or dreaming of one
  • have a creative side-business
  • are training or studying
  • or for people who simply have some really important goals they want to achieve.

The focus of the meetings are to commit to 3 things we would like to achieve work-wise and 1 life goal, to work on over the following 2 weeks.

We then see how we did, cheer each other on and discuss things like procrastination, comparisonitis, imposter syndrome – all the things that get in our own way!

We then talk about what strategies really work to overcome any struggles so that we all learn from each other.

By being more accountable, it motivates and encourages us and we are far more likely to get it done! We also have a Facebook private group, where we share interesting articles, tips and further motivation for the in-between moments of weakness!

image_123986672 (1)
Miriam’s Kitchen Table was the first hostess for our meetings before lockdown!

The group is very friendly, everyone is welcome 

We have a wide range of incredibly positive, skilled, talented and supportive people who love to engage and share ideas with the group, they really are a force to be reckoned with!  Everyone’s business or big dream is different but we all have similar desires and challenges and that’s what makes the sessions really interesting and gets the conversation flowing!

Members have also naturally collaborated on things, sharing their skills and years of experience with each other; there’s nothing this talented and knowledgable group between themselves can’t get done!


The vision-board workshop run by member Zoe at Charlotte’s (another member!) gorgeous house and luxury accommodation (The Scarlet Hen at Norfolk House)

Specialist sessions and skill-sharing

We now do more focused in-between sessions for members who want some additional support or to learn new skills, for example sessions on business strategy, social media, vision-boarding and the most recent one, pictured below, all about choosing your guiding word for the year.

Specialist Sessions so far for this year have included: Canva & Instagram, Setting up an Etsy Shop, Writing & Blogging, Simple Photography for Social posts, Business Strategy & Development, Creating a Vision Board, Ask the bookkeeper, Social media content and algorithms, selling artwork and LinkedIn.

Planned sessions coming up until the end of the year include: Temple Spa wellness session as part of World Mental Health Day, Instagram Reels practical session, Group Planning strategies and solutions.

Our Zoom meetings are informal and fun with lots of learnings along the way

What does Membership include?

Since the group started in June 2019, we have greatly increased our support and work behind the scenes.

To sustain this growth, and increase our support, the group is now a paid membership.

The paid membership has been running since November 2020, and includes the following benefits:

  1. Access to register for the fortnightly face-to-face meetings, at Joys Coffee House in Kirkburton.
  2. Access to bi-monthly Zoom meetings for those who prefer weekly catch-ups or live further away.
  3. Access to extra specialist Zoom sessions delivered by the Founders (Juliet and Clair), and other members, at least once a month – these run mainly on an evening, at varying times to suit the member’s interest in the sessions.
  4. Access to the private Facebook Group, which supports you further with prompts and allows you to share your thoughts, work, products, blogs, ideas, new launches etc with other members
  5. Monthly Newsletter, a summary of above’s top tips, member features, news and events coming up
  6. Access to potential future events, both social, or selling events such as WOW craft market or to collaborative events.

Membership package investment

The cost of WOW Wednesday Membership is just £25 per month, which includes all the above benefits, to be paid by direct debit. There is no annual fee or contract, you can cancel at any time, giving 1 month’s notice, and all details will be given in the sign-up process.

Try before you buy

We want our group to be the perfect fit for you, investing in yourself is important and it needs to feel right, so before you sign up, you are more than welcome to try us out at one of the Accountability meetings above. That way you get to see what we are all about, and meet the other members, just contact me below to find out when the next session is.

How do you join?

For more details of how to join the WOW Wednesday Membership, please get in touch either via DM on Instagram , or via the contact form below and we will send you the link.

We always welcome new members, we pride ourselves in growing a diverse membership who share their expertise and ideas for the benefit of the whole group. We would love to support you on your journey or big dream, whatever that might be.

So why not give us a try, invest in yourself and meet a very special bunch of people, who will cheer you on along the way? We look forward to hearing from you,

Juliet & Clair, the Founders of WOW Wednesdays.

P.s Even my business hero Holly Tucker MBE (of Not on the High-street and Holly & Co) approves of our little group, when she messaged me!

IMG_6543 (1)

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