Chatting to Suzy Walker, Editor of Psychologies Magazine about why creative activities are so good for you in these uncertain times

Hi everyone, today I’m excited to tell you that I had the huge privilege of speaking to the brilliant Suzy Walker, Editor of Psychologies magazine about all aspects of creativity and its benefits via a live video on their Facebook page and group – Psychologies Connected Community.

Click here to watch!

As you know I’m a massive fan of the magazine so it was fabulous to have the opportunity to do this today, as we all find new ways of connecting in these scary times.

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The best treat you can order to land on your doorstep right now!

As well as the magazine’s own Facebook page, they have re-launched Psychologies Connected Community which is a great source of inspiring content; from live videos every day with experts, to bloggers and members sharing their creative skills, thoughts and ideas to help us all get through these unprecedented times, I highly recommend joining.

In that vain, I thought it would be a good time to share some previous Blog posts of mine that will help both you and your families get creative during this time at home and even more so through the Easter holidays.

There’s so many things out there to try, what have you got to lose? Making Easter cards for friends and family who you can’t visit at the moment would be a simple way to start and brighten their day at the same time. Many artists and creatives are doing free tutorials on You Tube now if you want to try some new techniques.

Plus, it doesn’t have to cost lots of money, if any, and it’s something that the whole family can enjoy doing together with less competitiveness than say sports activities and board games (if your children and husband are like mine!)

IMG_1297               IMG_1295

Remember process not perfection! I loved doing these doodle pieces just as much as a big painting!

Taking part in creative activities is so beneficial to your mental well-being, just taking time to solely focus on what you are doing, get in the ‘flow’ state and away from the constant news bombardment, is such a welcome relief to what is going on in the world, I guarantee you will feel calmer and happier for doing it.

So here are my links below under the topics of their main theme, to help you get started on your creative journey;

The ‘why’ it’s so good for you selection

Why creativity is crucial for mental health

Glow with the flow…

It’s never too late to pick up a pen, a needle, a paintbrush, … your dream.

Underneath fear lies great opportunities

The ‘how’ to encourage ideas to flow

Looking for the lightbulbs…

How Photography can lead to creative joy

Spring into the Seasons and feel that creativity surge

Why Curiosity is key for me…

Special places = Special writing

Keep Calm and Create!

What’s the occasion? How to make the most of it!

A little poetry practice, to soothe the soul…

The ‘what’ creative activities to do with your children

Creative Country Walks; How to get the kids more interested

Getting creative with the kids

These are just a small selection so do also browse at your leisure through past posts for further inspiration on  The Blog or The Home pages too.

Further resources

IMG_0386  IMG_0755

Don’t forget you can also find lots of inspiration on my resource page – The Curious Cave, filled with books, magazines, podcasts, creative groups and lots of social connections

I hope you find these useful and inspires you to give something new a try. We’ve never had such a gift of time to slow down a little, reassess how we spend our time and just have a go at doing things differently. Do let me know how you get on in the comments and share any pictures on my Facebook Page too.

I hope that one positive that comes out of this, is that we all understand the power and difference to your life, taking part in creative activities can make and it becomes something we do as a natural part of our lives equal to physical activities – then my work will be done!

Keep calm, stay home and create…

Keeping curious and safe…

Juliet, The Curious Creative x

Ps I also work with Psychologies as one of their 25 Real Eco panel members, testing environmentally products for the magazine. It’s a really interesting project to challenge how we choose everyday items and make sure that we do consider taking care of the planet in our choices. Click here for more information.





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