‘A lovely inspiring and warm place to explore and play with creativity’ – Clair

The Curious Creative Club delivers invigorating, events to participants with the specific purpose of setting your creativity free, via different options, such as creative writing, art, photography…it’s a restorative and inspiring few hours for your mind.

I’m a massive advocate of all things creative, with current passions in writing, art and photography, and I know, first-hand, and from studying, the huge impact that taking part in creative activities can have on your well-being and self-worth.

I want to enable people to take time out from their busy lives and have the mental space to tap into their creativity and imagination and literally just give it a go. Most importantly, it’s about enjoying just playing with your ideas and bringing them to life.

The first workshop that I have created is called ‘Playing with Writing’, using simple techniques and prompts to fire your imagination and challenge you (in a good way!) to get your stories, poems or thoughts down, quickly – that way it sets you free from over-thinking what you are doing and you get the chance to just play with words and enjoy the process rather than it being a scary task.


Just one of the many tempting cakes you’ll receive from Miriam’s Kitchen Table!

So what do you get with this workshop?

  • The opportunity to kick-start your creativity and enjoy some me-time in a way that inspires and invigorates you
  • Up to 5 fun writing tasks, exploring different techniques to inspire you to write, using a variety of resources
  • The Chance to feedback your writing to the group (but only if you want to)
  • To be able to take part in creative discussions with like-minded people
  • A take-away E-booklet with further inspiration and additional writing prompts to work on
  • A little gift from me
  • If it’s taking place in an external venue like Miriam’s Kitchen Table, you’ll also get delicious cake and a hot drink or alternatively, if it’s more convenient, you can host it at your home with a group of friends, family, colleagues or perhaps a book group and I can come to you (location permitting) .

This workshop is not a lesson in English grammar or for anyone to necessarily pen a perfect master-piece; the secret is in the process and what it can do for you.

‘Thank you, a really worthwhile, thought-provoking evening!’ – Jo

You can be a complete beginner or you may have just got a little stuck in your writing, EVERYONE is welcome. And if you discover that hidden talent along the way, well then of course that’s an added bonus!

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The workshop lasts two and a half hours and will encourage the curiosity you already have and enable you to take that first step. We’ll do some none-scary, fun, writing exercises and I’ll share with you my experience of what I’ve learned on my own creative journey, and how you can discover your inner creativity too.

You’ll leave with a proud sense of achievement, your written work, an E-Booklet that includes extra tasks, information and resources with further links and suggestions to inspire you, plus a deeper understanding of how including creativity in your life can change it for the better.

‘Inspiring, fun, helpful, and therapeutic’ – Claire

‘A Fun Workshop creating short pieces from memory and imagination’ – Sarah

External Workshops

If you are you interested in the next Playing with Writing workshop at Miriam’s Kitchen Table, Kirkburton, Huddersfield, the next dates coming up will be from September 2019 on-wards (dates yet to be confirmed).

They run on an evening 7pm- 9.30pm – please do register your interest on the form below and let me know if you have any questions.

The price for the  workshop is £40 per person or £35 per person if you bring one friend or more.

Workshops in your home

If you are interested in hosting the workshop in your home (ideal for friends, family, book groups, writing groups, colleagues etc), I can tailor the workshop to suit your needs and the number of people attending (for example if 2.5 hrs is too long, I can reduce the number of tasks etc).

Please contact me on the form below, and let me know of any preferred dates, times, likely numbers attending, any additional requirements and your location (within an hour’s drive in the Huddersfield area) and I’ll get in touch with a package to suit you.

Price per person for home workshops is dependent on numbers attending, length of workshop and location.

Testimonials – Praise for ‘Playing with Writing’, workshops

‘I loved all the tasks, they were all great and so imaginative!’ Clair

‘I loved it, Never thought I was any good at/ particularly enjoyed writing but you made it a joy! Here’s to many more.’ Miriam

‘I enjoyed the way were guided through steps to accomplish different styles and having to do things really quickly without overthinking it.’ Miriam

‘I liked the time restrictions so you couldn’t over think and it was good to read it aloud in a group of like-minded people.’

‘Wonderfully, creative evening, will recommend! – Hazel

‘The word connotation task was really interesting and helpful – might try this with my children.’ – Anna

‘A chance to explore and tap into your creative self and have the luxury of the time to do it! . I’ve realised I miss poetry, I’m going to start committing my prose to paper and I’m also going to be asking for a journal for my birthday next week!’ Jo

‘I really enjoyed the session last week. Very energising and the quick fire exercises really got the brain working! ‘I’m inspired to get started!’Carol

‘Informal, stimulating and positive regardless of your starting point’ Carol

‘I learned that I can use random words to create poetry and lyrics and I enjoyed trawling through memories to create prose. The workshop left me feeling inspired, I feel a song coming on!’ Neil

Contact Me

For more information or to register your interest please fill out the contact form below:

Or if you visit Miriam’s Kitchen Table in Kirkburton, Huddersfield, please speak to Miriam.




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