Getting into the creative feel-good festive spirit

Hi everyone, hope you are well and getting your head around plans for Christmas now that we know what the ‘rules’ will be in the UK! But first there are decorations to put up, trees to dress, cards to write and presents to make, so if that’s not an excuse to indulge in some calming creative time, I don’t know what is!

Got my starry jumper on ready for the Christmas Live! –
p.s ignore the hair, it’s getting out of control!

This was the subject of my 10th Live with @psychologiesmagazine this week as I talked through what some our family traditions are, creating new ones and what else you could start to do at this time of year to get into the creative Christmas spirit.

As always with these Lives I sit down, a little nervously at first, to draft out what I will be talking about. I normally have an idea of a theme, but it isn’t until I start jotting down some ideas, that usually a torrential flood of ideas follows, thankfully!

Plus, of course on the actual Lives, it’s great because you get to engage with the viewers which sparks a lovely creative conversation, and this is why I love doing them!

“Juliet thanks for all the amazing Lives you are doing!.’  – Suzy Walker

(Editor-in-Chief, Psychologies Magazine)

So, here it is if you’d like to catch up and hopefully find some inspiration for creative activities you could have a go at, and please do share with me if you do try any because I love to see your work! You can DM me photos etc @thecuriouscreativeclub

So, what else have I been up to this week? Well lots actually! Firstly, last weekend I had some creative time in the cabin, which I love and designed 2 new Christmas cards, above, which have now come back as samples from the printers. For some reason they always look better when they are printed up as cards, Jean at my local print shop in Holmfirth does an amazing job!

I’ve also had past designs re-printed, so I’m busy trying to sell these via my own social media and at The Flex Collective, co-working space where we run our WOW Wednesday meetings. Jayne who owns Flex has created a little local shop corner to support local businesses, such a lovely thing to do!

Which leads me nicely on to WOW Wednesdays! For those of you that don’t know what this is, it’s a local accountability group for local small businesses and creatives that myself and fellow-founder Clair from @asocialnature set up almost 18 months ago now. The aim of the meetings is to encourage each other along with our goals, and be accountable for one another in order to get things done!

But to be honest, this is just part of what the group offers as it has grown in both size and substance and has now become a fully-fledged membership, with a private Facebook group, Zoom sessions on specialist subjects, skill-sharing and a whole load of camaraderie and support, especially during lockdown! (see link above for more info)

One of our Zoom Accountability Meetings
this week

Now that we are settled in to our new Covid-safe working space @theflexcollective, we will be opening up the membership to new members at the founder-member price, as a one time offer between 1st-31st December, from 1st of January 2021 it will be a higher membership rate.

So, if this sounds like accountability support (and so much more) you could really use right now,  please get in touch, or watch out for posts about it @thecuriouscreative on Instagram or on my Facebook Page too: The Curious Creative Club.

So nice to get out of the house and meet ‘in person’!

Clair and I, met this week for a planning session on WOW and we have got some very exciting things planned for the future! It felt great to get out of the house and meet up at Flex and we are going to continue to do this once a month, to have some quality time together to plan and just chat through our own businesses. We are accountability buddies for each other too, and this really works for us, especially as we have a very similar mindset, both INFP personality types!

On that day we also reflected on how far we’d each come this year, in a year with unprecedented challenges, both personally and with Covid! I highly recommend doing this, ideally with someone you trust or even just on your own, and even more so this year!

I’ll be doing a sum up of this type of reflection, why is benefits us and helps to shape future plans over the next coming weeks, because it is genuinely so useful and important to recognise what we’ve achieved, whilst we still remember! And I bet it’s more than you think too!

Now, here’s the rest of what I’ve been up to / been inspired by:

I launched a competition to win my ‘jazzy birds’ collection as part of the Just A Card Campaign on Instagram this week – head on over to enter!

Just A Card

I’ve been following the prompts for JAC indie campaign week and sharing lots to help spread their message far and wide. Sarah who runs the campaign does an amazing job to support us independents, so if you want to know all about it, check it out here.

Looking forward to delving into this!
One for your Christmas list perhaps?

I’ve also bought her book, for some inside knowledge and tips on the card industry to see if it helps me finally set up that proper shop – No 1 task on my list in January!

Dr Chatterjee – Feel Better, Live More podcast

As you know I’m a long time fan of this podcast but his main episodes can be quite long so for those who don’t have as much time, but if you still want to benefit from his wise interviews, he’s now started doing a bite-size version on a Friday, yeah! This most recent one was particularly interesting where he interviews Marie Forleo and she talks about growth mindset, comparisonitis and how we need to share our gift:

“Comparisonitis is the kryptonite to creativity” Marie says.

Gabrielle Treanor

Regular readers will know I’m a long-time fan of Gabrielle – the queen of over-thinking and overwhelm strategies, she’s a mindset and empowerment coach! Her ‘Pressing Pause’ short podcast episodes, always instil some calm into your day if you are feeling frazzled!

This week she also did a free-workshop – 3 steps to feeling calm and in control, which I joined to utilise tips to try if feeling the overwhelm (like many at this time of year, even without Covid!).

This was just a small part of her new course called she has launched called Rooted, but she also has many free resources on her website, so check it out.

Root and Rise Membership (there’s a theme here!) – Nicola Rae Wickham

I’ve been part of this founder-membership for a few months now and it’s giving me lots to think about, which I love! Nicola is doing great work within the membership such as prompts, lives, Q&As, and extra zoom sessions, coaching, and on EFT and guided journaling and the latter I’m looking forward to joining tomorrow night as this is definitely something I want to do more of.

Psychologies Magazine – New edition

As always I absorb the new edition as soon as it comes through my door, because it is always soooooo good! In particular this article struck home and I found myself nodding alot! The team at Psychologies just completely ‘get’ how everyone is feeling, and I love them for it!

My next creative project involves this branch! I will share more next time, I’m not going mad I promise, but bless my son for dragging it back from the woods! He’s a good un!

And that’s a wrap folks! It’s been a busy but nice one compared to previous stressful weeks and last night I got to go for a bobble-hat walk with this one, my mum, who I haven’t seen properly for a month thanks to the blumming ‘C’ word, so it was nice to have a normal walk and take in the sunset!

Hope you all have a lovely weekend and I’ll catch up with a longer post next time, but I hope you also like these quick drop in post of inspiration too, please let me know what you think!

Take Care, Stay Safe and get the festive feels going!

Juliet, The Curious Creative x

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