Shaking the restlessness; ready, set, go for it!

Hi everyone, how are you doing?

Firstly, an update, my scan got cancelled last week which is annoying but couldn’t be helped and should hopefully go ahead today which happens to be on my lucky number date – 8 so I’m hoping that’s ‘a sign’. I’m then hoping results will come in before the weekend but you know that is probably wishful thinking, and it’s more likely to be next week.

Making the most of some last of the Summer sunshine with my friend Rachel and her cockapoo, Honey

This week’s Blog is a bit of a random collection of thoughts and inspiration that I think many of us are feeling at this time of year. Also I’m going to add in a new feature into these blogs, of inspirational things I’m either listening, watching, reading, attending or discussing, at the end of each post, which I hope in-turn will help you too.

Restless Body & Mind Syndrome

In the meantime, has anyone else been feeling incredibly restless? Like a kind of restless leg syndrome that goes through your whole body? Well I have!

Now I know I get like this at this time of the year anyway, usually after the 6 weeks that is never 6 weeks and always at least 7 weeks and sometimes 7.5 weeks school summer holidays, but this year is unprecedented (that lovely word again!).

These 2 have grown so much over Summer and
soon will be taller than me!

I mean we have had 5.5 months, around 170 days of our lovely children, and I’ll be honest it feels more like 5.5 years, much as I love them, I am ready, I am MORE than ready to get back to some form of routine and my creative work.

The ‘plan’ at the beginning of the year was to get to the end of treatment (in May) and then go for it work-wise and make up for all those weeks lost to feeling absolutely pants, but then Covid came along and whilst I did make the most of every spare minute we got in-between being the cleaner, chef, entertainer, Maître-de of this brand new Covid Hotel that expected a 5 star rating, it wasn’t what I’d planned. And shielding wouldn’t even allow me to escape!

Certainly NOT the haven of out-stretched time for me to just nicely get on with my business and progress, without feeling like I was wading in water and attending to everyone else’s needs – beck and call gained a whole new meaning.

One down one to go, suddenly this one’s looking very tall as he heads in to year 8, and was very excited this morning!

So, you can imagine this restlessness bubbling under the surface, threatening to build into a flood of hot lava rage, BUT I’ve managed to not rage too much (I’ve counted to 100 A LOT), which I think accounts for the whole restless body syndrome.

But thankfully I am not alone it seems, upon reading Kate Townshend’s piece in this month’s Psychologies all about this restless feeling at this time of year.  If I’d known where she lived I would have knocked on her door and taken her out for a huge gin, such was the power of her writing in pinpointing this phenomenon which had me nodding to myself and saying ‘Yes!’ loudly to the dog and making her jump. If you are feeling like this too, check out her article, it is absolutely spot on and gives some great insight into what could be the root cause.

New Routine Dream

So, onto routine, it seems I’m more of a planner than I first thought, I’m genuinely yearning some structure to what will be my new ‘creative-working’ week and I think this is partly due to now having a ‘home’ for the work and business and I can actually leave my back door, walk the 30 or so paces to The Curious Cabin (you know it had to have a name), close the door and physically escape from the callings of the house to clean it and the texts from the husband who is STILL working from home requesting ‘coffee emoji, SVP xxx’ , which means S’il vous plait for those that are wondering – why this request seems more quaint and lovely in French is beyond me but lets just say the novelty has worn off!

And it comes back to the cancer journey again I think too, as I’ve said before, I’ve always been one to try and make the most of time and life anyway, BUT there’s nothing like a cancer diagnosis to sharpen up that focus and make sure you use your ‘well’ time wisely. Before all of this I most definitely took my health for granted, after all I’m not 90, I’m 46, but now I know that you just never know, so do not wait for the ‘perfect’ time to crack on with it, JUST DO IT (not sponsored I promise).

So, this means that we have been working really hard on the Cabin (I’ve provided many drinks and snacks for the husband who I have to say has been amazing building it and painting!) to get it ready asap. I forgot how achy painting makes you but I‘ve still enjoyed it, getting splattered in white paint whilst listening to a fab new podcast, (more on that later!) and there have been other fun bits too, planning out the inside area and shopping for things to go in there, I’m so excited about it I’ve had sleepless nights.

I know I’m incredibly lucky to have this small space, but it’s something I’ve been dreaming of for years and I think the hubs will be glad I’ve actually got all my stacks of creative stuff out of the house and will reduce the regular effects of craftermath on the kitchen table!

Lots of progress been made this week on The Curious Cabin!

So, if you now have the time to focus on your business or creative time, I highly recommend carving out a space in your home, or upgrading the shed, garage or spare room, because in order to create I think you have to have a bit of creative ‘order’, at least in your head and a place that is yours and yours only to get your creative game on, feel the calm vibes and do what you do best.

I’ll be doing a few extra blogs once the cabin is fully ready on how I designed it inside to work best for me.

In terms of planning, I’m also going to practice what I preached on last weeks Live with Psychologies magazine and get into really planning out my week and colour-coding it on my laptop so it gives me an instant picture of how I’m distributing my time and I can make tweaks if necessary.

I’ll also be reflecting on everything I’ve done this year and planning in detail what goals I want to achieve by the end of the year, again that making the most of the last 3 months of the year feeling, because lets face it not much gets done in December.

Thankfully I now have a solid strategy to work from thanks to some great sessions with Michelle from our Wow Wednesday group who is a whizz at these things and can help you see the wood from the trees in your business.

I really enjoy this part as I’ve generally done more than I think and I like making lists and mind-maps of what’s next! Here’s just some of what will be coming up for me:

  • Planning content for the next @psychologiesmagazine Lives (now running every 4 weeks, next one on the 28th of September)
  • Wow Wednesdays re-starting and planning new features within the membership
  • Art pieces to create for craft fairs and new Xmas card designs
  • Potential new writing workshops to run in a new venue
  • Back to the book, the none-fiction one that I started at the beginning of lock-down all about my life-time journey with creativity
  • Blog planning, hoping to do some more ‘creative’s’ interviews!
  • Doing some planning and research for Curious Coaching, my next new venture!

It’s going to be a busy but exciting time and that of course doesn’t include all the kids after-school activities, but I am ready, bring it on!

Until next time, I hope you have lots of exciting plans moving forward through September and the rest of the year and I’d love to hear about them! Please do let me know in the comments and let’s crack these next few months together!

Juliet, The curious Creative x

Inspiration Corner

This will be the little nook where I talk about things that have inspired me this last week, creative or otherwise, for you to check out too if you wish, just a little list for you to dip into, as and when you want/need to:

Podcass: Bravehearts Rising – Lisa Pascoe, I now know Lisa through Nicola Rae Wickham’s Dream and Do membership group and wow what a podcast, I binge-listened to 4 episodes whilst painting the cabin! Deep, meaningful conversations for women, especially empaths and HSPs (highly sensitive people) that will resonate and lead to many ‘Aha’ moments! Highly recommend.

Conversations of Inspiration, new series 9 – Holly Tucker – I am so happy this is back! Holly starts off with a cracking interview with Kanya King CBE, founder of the MOBO awards and it’s such an inspiring listen, her mantra is ‘Don’t get bitter get better’, so many things to take and absorb from this interview, go listen!


A constant source of inspiration

Psychologies Magazine, avid supporter obviously but I swear each month just gets better and better and has been my staple getting through lock-down, this month’s dossier is all about starting your own business and includes the article I talked about above on restlessness too, amongst many other thought-provoking articles.

Author Caitlin Moran – More than a woman, a highly amusing book, that will have you in stitches, honest and brilliant!

Instagram Account: Eleanor Snare, always insightful and honest posts around creativity, this week Eleanor asked, What is your attitudes to risk? an interesting question for often introvert creatives!

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  1. I always think that Autumn is a perfect time for a clear out. A bit like a Spring clean, it’s a great time to shake off any stagnant energy and refresh your spaces getting them all ready for the darker months. This year there’s more to shake off than usual! Hope the scan goes well X


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