Going off plan – because the world won’t end if I do!

Hi everyone, this is a short one, I’m gonna be honest, today I’m tired, it doesn’t happen often, but last night I forgot that it was my turn to post this morning on the Yorkshire Writer’s Lunch Blog, at 10pm no less, so it was a late one, after 12,  before I got to bed. Note to selfread the daily planner where you actually put your plans and deadlines in, on a daily basis!

Then add in the prep for the Psychologies live Insta today, juggling some plans for the week (trying to keep the kids entertained), cooking dinner and a trigger pilates session, where you do lots of lovely stretching and I’m suddenly very sleepy and the hours have run away with me…so instead of trying to concentrate and probably not writing very well, I’m going to go off plan, and instead post this link to my video today, all about planning funnily enough (can you believe it?) and a nice little creative task too, and the quickly drafted poem from the YWL Blog today (see below) to basically get across 4 lessons:

  • You can be forced into being creative with an accountable deadline, and it can actually work out well (shock!)
  • Planning is better, far less stressful, but may give you a longer time to procrastinate so…
  • There are benefits to both, depending on how you work best!
  • Showing up imperfectly (as in this post) is still showing up, so you know, a few brownie points to myself for that! @alifemoreinspired would be proud!

I’ve had some lovely feedback from the poem, so even if this post does nothing else, it may transport you up a country lane to watch a sunset and revel in what I see along the way, here’s hoping!

Discoveries at Dusk – By Juliet Thomas


Tall grasses glow in golden light

Nodding their allegiance to the sun,

A harmony of hues, brown sugar to pistachio

Dancing together as one,

Cheeks painted with soft breezes,

Breath slows, heartbeat eases


Overhead, the silent shadow of the last hunt

Flickering feathers in perfect hover

Below unseen, a field mouse freezes, then

Makes a last-dash for cover

‘Too late’, I whisper and sigh

Kez dives, slicing the sky


Urgent bleating raises my gaze

To the nursery on the hill

Weary mothers scold scamps to come closer

Still frolicking, despite the evening chill

I stroll on, eyes drawn to the sinking light

To secret stories of an early Summer’s night


As I head further up, curious cows say ‘Hello’

Calves are skittish, mothers stood firm

Or bowed, chewing sweet long grass

The little ones look on and learn

I talk to them softly, not wanting to scare

Yet the mothers still fix me, with a protective glare


Minute by minute, sky gods design

A prestigious work of art

Strokes of lemon, paprika, aubergine and olive

Stretching like dough pulled apart

I refuse to blink, transfixed I stare

Breath held, in the heady dusk air


At the end of the lane, I steal one last look

To the field on the right, at the top

Searching to confirm my friends are there,

I spot the hares’ form when they halt to a stop

Smiling, satisfied, I nod, the fabric of my walk complete

I turn, feet firm, revived by nature’s daily retreat


Until next time, when I write this on a Sunday as normal (because habits work, another lesson!)

Take care and if you’re feeling tired too, let it go and cut yourself some slack, we’re all juggling pretty hard right now!

Juliet, The Curious and sleepy Creative… x

Ps I’ve been releasing the slight- Sinead look into the outside world, hence the main image as my hair is now growing! Still feels pretty chilly in not so sunny Yorkshire right now though!

For all newbies reading this, check out my older posts for the story of last years challenge of Hodgkins Lymphoma and chemo…


2 Comments on “Going off plan – because the world won’t end if I do!

  1. Hope you have caught up on the sleep side of things and the plan is going to plan again! 😉Beautiful poem which does transport me back to sunset on the lane and some beautiful images xx 😘


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