Poetry Practice to help you Process

Hi everyone, how are you all doing? I’m not gonna lie, I’m struggling today, it seems the further on this chemo journey, the side-effects kick in faster and harder, so yesterday and today I’m pretty physically floored.

So instead of writing a full on Blog post, I’m just popping int to say Hi and to share the post I wrote for Psychologies Magazine, Life Labs series last week, all about how poetry can really help you to process what is going on whilst practicing your creative skills and getting into that joyful state we call ‘flow’.

‘Flow’ basically means that we get so focused and lost in an activity that we fully relax and let go of the endless mind-chatter that goes on, especially in worrying times like this – and that’s got to bring us more joy right?

This post has gone down really well so far, so for those who haven’t seen it yet, I hope you enjoy it too and that it inspires you to put pen to paper. Click here to read.

These few days after chemo are the hardest part for me, when I feel too ill to physically do any creative activities, I find it so hard to just not do anything!

IMG_2741     IMG_2738

Yesterday trying to just get a bit of fresh air, Barley thankfully entertains me too!

So please to everyone out there in the midst of staying at home, although I know it’s not great, please do make the most of it too. You’ll never get this slower pace of life back, it’s such an opportunity for those who are wanting to try something new, in-between the regular day to day stuff like home-schooling and working.

I’m not saying it’s easy, especially with little ones but I know there will be windows of time that we didn’t have prior to this, even if it’s just your commute time or school drop-offs.

I know that this whole experience will be much more tolerable for me when I feel well enough to get back on my creative train, start planning again and put this whole 6 months of treatment behind me, the frustration will be for me will be if I have to stay at home for many more weeks because I’m ‘vulnerable’ – can I just say I bldy hate that word!!

Before all this I was anything but ‘vulnerable’, I was a 45 yr old woman with lots of energy, who’d finally found her creative niches in life, one who loved sharing everything I’d learned and one who has so many plans and ideas that they wake me up and keep me awake at night.

Mentally, for the most part, I’m still that person and more in many ways (following the insomnia nights and many planning sessions in my head!) but now I just need to nail this physically, get back to the strong person I was and not feel as weak as a kitten some days, so that I can get on with what I love doing.

IMG_2675     IMG_2694

My consultant lets me go for the odd 15 min walk up the lane near our house, so I at least get to see trees, sunsets and the lambs now and again!

And for that I need my dog walks back please, to get my legs going again and build up some fitness! I’m desperate to see the bluebells, the squirrels, hear the birds and the river and and feel the sun and wind on my face… see I feel another poem coming on already!

In fact, if poetry really is your thing, here is a previous post I did too, including the seasonal poem I wrote back then…I can’t wait to get back to my walks in the woods – it really is what my body and soul needs right now…

Until next time, stay home, stay safe and show me your creative endeavors (it will cheer me up!) 

Juliet, The Curious Creative x




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