Wanted! – Your Curious Adventures Captured

New photography project announcement!

Hi Everyone, well it’s been the craziest of Summers so far weather-wise hasn’t it?! In the last week I watched a lightening show at 3am dance across our hall landing, on Thursday, the hotest day of the year in the UK, we nearly cooked and died taking the very unwise decision to do a family bike ride, because the lake was shut due to green algae – we’d wanted to hire a pedalo! And then today I got pelted with rain on my dog walk but I actually quite enjoyed the cooler temperature – us Brits are never happy are we?

Anyway, since writing the photography Blog a few posts back, I’ve been floating an idea in my head to do a photography hashtag project over the Summer, wherever you may live, in the hope that we can all share what we’ve gotten up to.

I’m going to call it My Curious Summer, to give it a fairly wide remit but ultimately I want you to share your adventures, whatever they may be, from a simple walk somewhere different to your usual place to the holiday of a lifetime and everything in-between.

P1020147                P1020290

Be curious, try different ways of capturing images and don’t forget the kids can join in too, just reference it as their image on your account if they don’t have an account of their own.

The photos don’t need to be edited ‘perfect’ Instagram shots either, they can be just snippets of every-day life, it’s all about just being curious and sharing what you discover and obviously be as creative as you like.

Below are some more ideas of what to capture to help you join in:

  • The day you got lost on a car journey, only to discover a lovely new place or view
  • Your toddler leading you to a new caterpillar he/she has discovered in the garden
  • A new restaurant that you’ve tried with your partner that made the evening because the food was delicious / atmosphere fantastic
  • Camping for the first time
  • Reading a book / magazine that taught you something new or you enjoyed something different about it
  • Visiting a new place with your family /friends e.g a castle, a harbour, a concert or show
  • Joining in on a new creative class / workshop
  • Trying Lobster or something more unusual to what you normally eat for the first time
  • Trying something new for a holiday, eg hiring a campervan and driving without a plan
  • A memory box / family treasure you’d forgotten about and found in a loft clear-out
  • Cloud-gazing and spotting something unusual in the pattern of clouds
  • Something new that you’ve discovered about yourself

These are just a few ideas, I’m sure you’ll have many more!

So please join in and just remember when you post to just add #mycurioussummer in your hashtags.

Each week I’ll choose my 4 favourites of the week and showcase your pictures and accounts in a post.

So, I’ll be announcing the project on my Instagram Account on Monday morning as I’m doing something a little different over the next few days myself ; we’ve managed to get tickets to be in the audience of Britain’s Got Talent Champion of Champions programme on Sunday night, so it’s a quick trip to London for us for a few days!


#mycurioussummer will then begin on the 1st of August and run until Monday the 2nd of September, and at the end I’ll pick my absolute favourite photo and there may even be a little prize, which I’ll work out later!

I really hope that you join in and have fun with it! I’m so excited to see what great photos you share!

This is your opportunity to show your Curious Creative side, which is what The Curious Creative Club is all about.

Good Luck and have fun!

Until next time…

Juliet, The Curious Creative x

Ps I really hope I’m hitting the right note with creative content that you enjoy and inspires you too, please do put your thoughts in the comments, so I can learn along with you on our creative journey! Thank you


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